Putting the "Pro" in Providence

Passion is what fuels a cyclist. It's the love of the ride, the thrill of the ride -- going for the ride. It's all about the ride. And then talking incessantly about it until the next ride.

When you have this passion, you want to inspire others and help them find the same love and thrill of the sport. This is what sets us apart at Providence Bicycle. We turn a customer into an enthusiast, a weekend warrior into an expert and remind the pros how to enjoy the sport. 

When you have a passion, it shows. Let us show you ours at Providence Bicycle. 


We have the know-how. We answer the questions everyday and find the answers to anything we don't know. (Someone here must know...) We want you to have the best experience every time you ride your bike and that means we're going to give you the right knowledge and all the tips and tricks. Trust the pros to get you the ride of your life.


This is what we do. Like a realtor helps you find the best house, we help you find the best bike. We know what works and what doesn't and have the experience and track record to prove it. So when you're not sure, we are. Bikes are what we and we're going to know what works and what doesn't for each rider.


We only sell what we would ride. We've spent decades curating our merchandise to provide the region with the best bikes and equipment the industry has to offer. Trust when you buy at Providence Bicycles you've selected from the finest brands and products. And trust you've done it in the best sales atmosphere with the most helpful staff. We offer a premiere selection to assure the best experience possible. 


Like any family, it can be hard to understand them before you're a part of them, and cyclist are no exception. But there's something about being a part of a huge 20-something person group ride that makes you want to get out and do it again. And only when you go, will you finally understand why people come back week after week. When you buy a bike at Providence Bicycle, you join the family. We inspire each other to get out and ride, set goals and find success. We organize group rides and local events, taking pride in what we can give back to our community to grow the sport of cycling. We invite you to our family and hope you enjoy riding with us as much as we will with you. 


There's something to be said to know what you're doing. We've all seen someone beat the odds with something they were trying -- we don't beat the odds. We know what we're doing and we're in control. With the most experience of bike shops in the area, we have the smarts to get the job done right. 


We want each of our customers to have the best cycling experience possible. We don't sell a bike to sell a bike -- we sell a bike because it's the right one for the customer and what they want to do. We care about the customer and put them first. So when you finally decide on a bike, you can be sure you made the right choice and we can be sure you're going to love it. This is the beginning of a relationship we take very seriously.  



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