Retul Fit Service

We are proud to have Retul trained and certified fit members on our team. Retul multi faceted fit system to ensure the best ride quality possible. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retul bases their fits on meeting the needs of the individual to ensure the most comfortable and efficient fit possible. 

Just like every rider, every fit is unique. Our certified fitters are trained to understand how to make decisions to benefit the rider. They adopt each fit to the rider and their needs to deliver an exclusive service to find the best solution for any issue the rider is having. 

A motion fit is the most advanced and rider-specific fitting method available and provides the best experience for the rider. Retul is sure to assist in any rider's comfort and efficiency. 


Retul Motion Capture Fit ($250) 

  • A standing physical fit to gain an understanding of the rider and their body begins the conversation. The fitter makes sure to discuss any issues the rider feels they're having on the bike to ensure their addressed in the fit.
  • The eight critical points of the body (wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and toe) are marked by LED. 
  • Sensors detect the riders motion as they pedal. 
  • Data is collected and reviewed by the fitter and rider to further understand the needs and issues that are present. This is where the fitter begins to make decisions and suggestions to improve ride quality and experience. 
  • The fitter may use the Zin to make measurements of the bike to determine the changes required on the bike. 
  • The fitter creates a profile for the rider to make future fits and adjustments easier. 
  • This is suggested for any serious cyclist who is looking to get the most performance and safety out of their ride. 

Retul Snap Shot ($50)

  • This features a left and right side motion capture to demonstrate rider's positioning without delving into the detail of a full fit.
  • The fitter gives feedback and suggestions to the rider based on the motion capture results.
  • If a full Motion Fit is desired at this point, the $50 Retul Snap Shot fee will be applied as a credit to the Motion Fit. 
  • This is a great option for someone trying to learn about their basic fit to determine if more comprehensive attention is needed. 

Zin Capture ($50) 

  • A handheld device (the Zin) measures the bike and creates a digitized map of it based on 13-15 points  (depending on the bike).
  • A good choice for the traveling cyclist who wants to ensure continuity of fit at each destination after the bike has been reassembled.  

Why fit?

If you're clipping into a bike, you should be dialing in using a motion fit.

A strong, comprehensive fit is critical for success on any bike. It improves the rider's enjoyment and safety while pedaling and ensures the most efficient and comfortable position. 

While a fit is important, a motion fit is the best way to ensure accuracy. Since it captures the rider while pedaling and not static, it reveals information about the sizing and rider that would have otherwise been overlooked in a standing or trainer fit. A motion fit using the Retul method is one of the most important 90 minutes you'll spend on a bike. 

All fits are guaranteed. Any adjustments that need to be made and are scheduled within 30 days of original fit date are free of charge. Adjustments made after that time are $50 per half hour; most adjustments are done in under 30 minutes.  

To make an appointment or for further pricing information, email Sean at or call us at 401-331-6610



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