Arc En Ciel Racing Team

2011 Team Profile

The Arc En Ciel Racing team was founded about 15 years ago.  The name “arc en ciel” has special significance in the bicycle racing community.  When a cyclist wins the world championship race, he or she is awarded the “Rainbow Jersey”, which in French is “arc en ciel” or “arch in the sky”.

Since the team was founded, it has been one of the top amateur road racing teams in the New England.  There are few races in the region that have not been won, at least one time by the team.  The most notable stage race wins have been: Fitchburg-Longsjo Stage Race, Killington Stage Race, Green Mountain Stage Race.  For single day races, the following classic races have been won numerous times: Jiminy Peak, Housatonic Hills, Lake Sunapee, Sterling MA, Monson and Palmer MA, etc.

While cycling is largely an individual sport, the Arc En Ciel Team is known as the team that works together as a single unit better than the other teams in the region.  There are a range of rider abilities on the team, but everyone supports the goal of getting their rider across the finish line first.  All of the team wins when one of our riders wins.

The team is primarily a Masters team, with most of the riders being aged 35 and up.  That said, our team has successfully developed a number of top young riders over the years.  The experience that is so deep in the team is a major benefit to developing riders.  Mentoring and coaching is an important aspect of the team culture.  The team roster for 2011 is over 50.

As a result of the maturity (age and otherwise) of the riders on the team, sponsors are provided with a strong and professional image.  This applied to both the racing circuit, as well as the public roads where our team logs hundreds of thousands of miles each year.



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