Triathlon Bikes

We can do everything to get you to the podium except wake you up on race day. 

Tri bikes are designed to create the best compromise between weight, aerodynamics and ergonomics for long term endurance. 

While any road worthy bike will technically do for a triathlon, the appropriate bike will make your triathalon experience better. You spend months training, so get the tools that make it worth it. You don't eat soup with a knife, so don't race a tri on your mountain bike. 

At Providence Bicycles, our sales staff has the knowledge and experience to get you on the bike you need to take you to the finish line. Tri-bikes especially require a comprehensive fit to deliver maximum power while ensuring comfort to avoid any injuries caused from strenuous, repetitive motion. 

And when it comes time for maintenance, trust the mechanics at Providence Bicycle to get your bike ready for race day. 



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