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Swimming Is Not Natural

Since we aren’t fish, if what you do in the water “feels” natural, it is probably wrong. Personal aquatic training a must for all triathletes.

Technique work may be the most important part of any swim training plan for triathletes because maximizing swimming efficiency always has a big pay-off. Sometimes the pay-off is a faster swim time; sometimes it is the ability to go the same time with less energy, leaving more for the bike and the run.
The only way to learn to be an efficient (and possibly even faster) swimmer is with critical, immediate feedback and high-quality, accurate descriptions of the correct technique.

This service is available from Jacki Hirsty through SwimSmart, personal aquatic training, especially for triathletes. Jacki is a dynamic instructor with an intense passion for the sport. She has been swimming for 40 years, has held a masters world record for freestyle in every age group, and has coached all levels of swimmers and triathletes. With an expertise in analyzing technique and expressing directions, she knows how to get results.

Good instruction must vary with each individual because all of us have a different way of processing what we hear or read and swimming does not feel like it looks. Jacki knows the special “feel” of correct technique and can communicate it clearly with appropriate references to make your body understand what it needs to do. Her individualized stroke technique instruction and training is available for all levels fitness or competitive swimmers novice to elite triathletes -as one-on-one, shared sessions, small groups or large clinics at mutually convenient pools.

Now based in the Boston area, Jacki is available to Rhode Island clients by appointment or video analysis. Email or call for more information.

Contact Jacki at or 401.569.7270 and visit her at



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